Friday, May 23, 2008

There Are Moments In Life When

your heart stops beating and you can't seem to catch your breath...I had two moments like that yesterday.

Steven Curtis Chapman's family experienced a horrible tragedy. Maria, their youngest adopted daughter from China was hit by a car in their driveway and killed. The Chapman family has dedicated their lives to children around the world, especially the orphans of China. I pray that through their faith they will be lifted up and given comfort. Our thoughts go out to this family, especially their son who was involved in the accident. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Here are two songs that I LOVE by Steve Curtis Chapman: (the song playing on my blog...if you want a good cry watch this whole video & explanation-grab a tissue)

Madison's Graduation-My first born is done with High School...stopped my heart for a moment. I will post later about the details.


Rhonda said...

Congrats to Madison. That is a huge accomplishment.

That story about Maria is so heartbreaking. I see he has the only song on your playlist now. I have chills.

art said...

Congrats to Madison. I am sure you and Bart are so proud.