Tuesday, May 6, 2008

L*I*F*E (The Good And Bad)

*SW is coming on Friday for our six month post adoption report-I have to admit that I got a little nostalgic for China yesterday. I was missing our travel group-I miss seeing everyone we spent two weeks in China with...I wish we lived closer. I still can not believe that Ella has been with us for six months.

*I finally found Ella a preschool for next year so I can check that off my list =)

*My allergies are so bad that I am in non-function mode even though I have to function. My body is so tired that I just want to stay in bed. It takes me until about 5 p.m. to wake up-not sure if my allergy medication that I take at night has something to do with it, but I am getting nothing done. Every time we start into summer, I get really grumpy about the fact that I live in AZ...it NEVER rains to clean out the air. The wind has been really bad lately just stirring the junk around in the air (notice what it did to my pool umbrella.) By October, I change my tune and love living here.

*The ugly side of Little League reared its head against my husband last night at our baseball game. My husband, who is the Manager of my boys team, had our one and only "problem parent" scream obscenities, throw equipment in the dugout and proceeded to unleash his wrath by telling my husband what an "idiot coach" he is. Mind you-our team is in first place in a Little League division that is extremely competitive. This dad is mad at my husband because his 12 year old son is not getting enough playing time. Well, his son stinks at baseball and doesn't deserve the positions he gets to play anyway. Can you tell I am in "Mother Bear" protective mode? Waiting for the Board to make a decision on this dad's discipline and the sad thing is we have the cutest baseball team with the most awesome parents except for this one dad...why does that happen.

Tomorrow I am going to hunker down and watch Masterpiece Theater's presentation of Cranford-nothing can lift the spirits like a turn of the century story set in the English Countryside. I love Jane Austen and growing to love Elizabeth Gaskell.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like we both had a day of allergies and mother bear instincts ready to bring out the claws if necessary.

By the way, the reason Ella doesn't have popcicles in the pictures is because she finished so fast. She was so cute having her popcicles but I was too late with the camera for her.

Erin said...

Sorry about your bad day/week. Allergies are miserable! Hope things get better. And oh my goodness, those cranky sports parents! Having four sons, we've seen lots of parents act like that. My husband once pulled a parent off a coach, and told him, "Your son won't remember the last play, but he is going to remember seeing his father punch his coach for the rest of his life!" Hope things get easier for you. Ella is soooo cute!

Michelle said...


I am so sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope things get better soon. Jeff is a coach too, and has to deal with parents like that sometimes. No fun! I wish we all lived closer too!! We miss all you all!


Andrea said...

I find it most difficult to be the coaches wife. I don't like people thinking they can do it better when they are the ones on their BUTTS (sorry about that) watching the game and my husband is the one on the field with their child giving his all to the team. Whoops - I got a bit carried away. The point being: I can totally relate.