Friday, May 9, 2008

Kids Are Not Honest...They Are Brutally Honest

Hunter came home from school today and promptly handed me my Mother's Day Card that he made in school. Hunter is ALWAYS my child that can not wait to give me anything. I get my Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day cards/presents as soon as he can physically give them to me. I have always thought this was so cute and I have always made a big deal out of his thoughtfulness because he is my only child that will write all the "lovey dovey" stuff to me. Well, today the tide shifted in a BIG way. Hunter told me that the teacher told the students to pick 5 things about their mother and write them in the card. Hunter wrote:

1-Right Handed
2-On The Couch Alot
3-Not Yelling
4-Angry Sometimes
5-I Love You

I asked him-What exactly did your teacher tell you about how to pick the five things you need to write about your mom. He told me that the teacher said he had to write five TRUTHFUL things about his mother. So, here is the conversation that ensued:

"Hunter, when do I ever sit on the couch?"

"Every morning when you are too tired to get up and get breakfast for us-you just sit on the couch and tell us to get our own breakfast."

"Oh Yeah, I guess I do that, but how come you said that I don't yell, but I am angry sometimes."

"You always get angry at me when I tell you that parents are not suppose to control their children, but you try not to yell when I can tell you are mad."

I was trying not to bust up laughing because you never know how your behavior is going to be interpreted by your children. But, since we are being truthful-I am not a morning person and my kids love to pull the whole "I heard one time in church that parents are not suppose to control their children" speech on me. Hunter-Thanks for the "truthful" Mother's Day card-I will work on my mommy behavior...I Love You!


Rhonda said...

That is just hilarious and it reminds me that I forgot to do a mother's day letter with my preschoolers. Sorry mommies!

LindaJ said...

That is too funny. They are always watching and soaking in EVERYTHING, good & bad. My kids say they can't talk to me cuz I'm on the computer all the time typing....hummm

Andrea said...

This was great! And yes, the honesty is eye opening sometimes isn't it?