Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I had a stomach thing going on yesterday. On Mother's Day. The last time I got sick was on Easter. Hopefully, this is not some sort of holiday sick pattern developing. I was so bummed because I did not get to go to church and watch my kids sing. I heard Ella was so cute and funny. Next holiday, I am starting on extra Vit C before the sick bug hits me! Besides a bunch of hugs, kisses and cards, I got this book. I am a huge fan of Steph*anie Mey*ers and her "vampire" series and I heard this book is awesome. I also was able to finally finish watching Bleak House - my Masterpiece Theatre DVD set that I have had for a month from Net*flix. If you are ever bored and have eight hours to spare-watch this was excellently produced. I was so happy to finally put those dvds back into the mail and now I can await the arrival of Jane Eyre. With stomach flu aside, I loved Mother's Day which started out on Saturday night. Bart took me out for a pre-Mother's Day double date with our good friends, Sarah and Troy. We went to dinner and to see Iron Man-which ended up being pretty good...not sure if it was the movie or being giddy about being on an actual date with my husband-its been about six months.

We won't be doing this much longer. Ella reminded me of that today. After returning some items to a store, I put Ella in her car seat, she yells "hot momma, car to hot"-I am thinking-oh dear, you have NO idea how hot it is going to get, 95 degrees is nothing. Ella told me on the way home that she wants "Mr. Sun to go bye-bye." Some days I can relate.

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LindaJ said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick on Mother's Day.
Please, if you are sick of Mr. Sun, send here, we miss him.