Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Computer, Friends and Church

My computer has been in the shop for the last 4 days-I can't believe how much I am dependant on my computer and how much $$$ they cost to fix when they die.
Ella had a really fun play date last week with her friend, Julia...they posed at will when I brought out the camera. These girls are definitely NOT camera shy and I couldn't resist posting some of the pictures =).
Today is Sunday, the day we worship. Church was amazing was our Stake Conference-the twice a year meeting that all the wards in our Stake meet together to be instructed by our leaders. When I walked into the meeting, I was overwhelmed by the youth choir that was singing. They sounded like angels and I was immediately humbled by the Spirit. My husband was ask to give the opening invocation and I was humbled even more when he asked, in he middle of his prayer, for comfort to be given to those that were suffering in the aftermath of the China earthquakes. I appreciated him so much for his continued prayers on behalf of the people of China. Our leaders talked about remaining steadfast in this difficult and trying world, being faithful and fortifying our homes against the temptations of Satan. I always love to come home from church feeling uplifted and with a renewed sense of duty to be a righteous mother and wife.
We had the privilege of watching Madison graduate from Seminary tonight-a beautiful meeting. Madison, along with two other Seminary graduates, was asked to speak at the commencement. As a mom, I was in awe of this daughter that I raised, just listening to her testify about the things she knows are true and right, brought huge tears to my eyes. Now, we look forward to Graduation this Thursday. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that fact that my first born is graduating...I think I might be the only parent that is going to stand up at Graduation and shout "I OBJECT." I personally think she needs to go back the ninth grade and repeat High School because she grew up way to fast! Family is going to start trickling in on Tuesday so our week should be busy, but fun.
I have been told that my blog is getting closer to being done...I am so excited for the finished product. Enjoy the Ella and Julia cuteness.


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness, those pics are too cute. They are little hams, aren't they. I'm so glad they will be growing up together. I can sit and cry with you through that graduation. It sounds so far away right now but I know it seems like Maddison was just 4. That is so awesome that she spoke at the seminary graduation. I agree about stake conference today. We actually had a little break because we sat with Mike's parents and they helped a ton with Daniel. I was able to listen to more than usual. The talks were uplighting and the choir was amazing. It was so fun to look around and see friends from so many different wards.

Andrea said...

I love your blog. Your Ella is such a beauty! I love your thoughts about conference. (the one we didn't attend today:( ) It is hard to believe Madison is graduating. What a huge milestone for you. And here you have Ella to keep you young and running!!!

Erin said...

Ella is very photogenic. The first picture of her with her girlfriend is really, really cute! Great account of conference. I love Stake Conference too... usually. I find so much to think about. And as for Seminary Graduation, well, I think it is sooo important. To be honest, I didn't used to care too much one way or another, but I have come to believe that it makes all the difference when these kids make the commitment to graduate. I have had to "force" my boys to make up absences, so they could graduate. It is one of the best things that we have "insisted" on. Kudos to Madison. She sounds like every mother's dream come true!