Monday, April 21, 2008

"Parenting 101" From Ella

"Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you should or shouldn't have said." Author Unknown

Ella and I were out shopping today and I decided to stop at Decor Unique to find out how much they would charge me to frame a picture. I gave Ella the old do not touch anything-it will break speech before entering the store. We were in there for about 30 minutes in which, my very obedient daughter did not touch anything. She even held my hand so that her hands would not knock anything over. After getting the price for my framing project, I decided to forget that idea and buy these instead.

As I went to pick up the items off the floor, Ella gets this look of horror and panic and yells at me "MOMMA-NO TOUCH! YOU BREAAAAAK IT!" I stopped dead in my tracks and the phrase-"Do as I tell you, but not as I do" came to mind. I knelt down beside her and explained that momma is going to carry them to the counter and pay for them-so that makes it ok to touch them. She gave me that confused look-like the time I tried to explain to her about not yelling up the stairs to get her brothers attention and then me turning around about one hour later and yelling up the stairs to get the Bridger and Hunter's attention. From my little four year old's point of view-I can only wonder what she really thinks. None the less, I got a good laugh and some decorations for house.

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Michelle said...

That is sooo cute!!! Kids are too funny!