Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison-Sorry, No Political Elections To Vote In Today

Today was Madison's 18th birthday. Happy for her and mostly sad for me. This birthday has been hard on her Dad and I. She is no longer a child or teenager and will soon be off to start her own life. But, as Madison's humor always shines through, she has informed us that she is an adult and can do the following:
-get a credit card
-buy things off the television
-go skydiving
-vote in an election (her father is so proud)
-buy a pet at Petco
-get a gym membership
-buy Dry Ice, Spray Paint, Cough Medicine
-check herself out of school
-sign safety waivers
-buy cigarettes
-go to clubs
-rent a hotel and
-as her bother Bridger informed her today, buy beer in Mexico
(the last four are Ha Ha's)

Madison is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. She is kind, caring, loving, talented and beautiful. She always strives to do the right. She is an independent girl who was born with a spirit of self confidence. I am in amazement that Bart and I have had the privilege of raising this righteous daughter of God. We Love You Madison. Happy 18th.


Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Madison. Any mom would be proud to have a daughter turn out as wonderful as you have. Kuddos to you Ronda and Bart for raising Madison so well. I look up to you for the great job you do. Rhonda

Andrea said...

WOW!! How did that happen?? Wasn't she just 12 and babysitting my Maddison?? She radiates happiness. Isn't being a mom the hardest things you've ever done!! But with a daughter like this, you have to feel blessed.