Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's Get The Lead Out, Babe!

Ella had her blood drawn today for the 3rd time since November. When we brought her home from China, she had an extensive medical check-up in which blood work was done to test for every kind of medical disease known to man. Ella's LEAD level came back quite high and we have been monitoring the level every two months. The last blood draw showed the level dropping which is good news. Ella knew exactly what was going on as soon as I drove up to the building. As usual, Ella was the center of attention in the waiting room. I was asked the usual questions...where is she from, when did you adopt her, did she speaks English, was she in an orphanage. Everyone in the waiting room "ooohhh'd" and "awwww'd" over how cute she was. Me, being the way biased mother agreed with every single comment. I thanked her fans as we left the room. She was so brave and only cried a little bit when the techs drew the blood...poor thing. I hated holding her when she was scared and in pain, but these things need to be done. After it was all done, I told Ella that Madison and I were taking her to lunch for being so brave. Nothing sooths a "Boo Boo" like Mexican food. Check back for an update when I receive the lab results.

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Andrea said...

such a cutie and yes - going to out to lunch fixes a lot! So how about a lunch date??