Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Love Without Boundaries"

Update-I have a few bids in on a couple of items-wish me luck because I keep getting out-bidded-lots of good stuff on ebay.

Ella-My Heart Baby
I know that my blog is new and not reaching too many people, but I am posting this information because my Ella is a "heart baby." Love Without Boundaries is holding its annual "Born in My Heart Art Auction" April 24-29th. All proceeds go to help orphans in China that have serious heart conditions and who are in need of surgery. My Ella was born with a hole in her heart...VSD in medical terms. Ella was not abandoned until she was 5 1/2 months old. I truly believe with all my motherly instincts that Ella's birth parents could not afford her heart surgery and gave her up to save her life. I can not imagine the agonizing decision to give your baby up after bonding for over 5 months. I will be forever grateful for Ella's birth parents for making that decision. Although Ella was able to get the surgery for her heart, she had to wait a long time...almost 2 years after she entered the orphanage at the age of 2.4 years old. Even in a state run orphanage, a charity usually has to step in to help fund any type of surgery. Ella's corrective heart surgery was funded by "Project Tomorrow" and Ella was fortunate enough to be operated on in one of China's premier children's hospitals and by an incredible pediatric surgeon. Heavenly Father has always watched out for her and I know she was blessed with the ability to have this surgery done through this organization. Ella has been evaluated by a cardiologist here in Arizona and her surgery was a success, but the doctor stated over and over that Ella should have had the repair done on her heart much sooner than actually happened. She is healthy, but according to her cardiologist "fought like a solider" to breathe. I already know that my Ella was born with a strong will-she has overcome so much in her little life. Ella is so brave, but it breaks my own heart knowing that she fought so hard to live. If one more innocent child could benefit from this auction-one more life would be helped.

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Read Details from Love Without Boundaries Website:

Subject: Annual Art Auction Begins!"Born In My Heart" Art Auction April 24th - April 29th (Beginning the 24th @ 9:00am PDT) In nearly every orphanage in China, children in need of heart surgery wait to be healed. In an effort to help as many of these orphaned children as possible, Love Without Boundaries began the "Born In My Heart" art auction five years ago. This is an annual event that serves as our special tribute to the miracle of adoption, and also as a fundraiser to help us provide these essential operations to children who need emergency heart surgery. You can help to save the life of a child by taking part from April 24-29. Every penny raised will help to heal precious children and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive, and perhaps even find a family of their very own. So please bid often and bid generously! Auction items will begin to launch at 9am (Pacific) on Thursday, April 24th. Nearly 300 items will be added throughout the day, and the auction will close Tuesday, April 29th (again, with items closing throughout the course of the day). We have some absolutely incredible items this year, all donated by LWB's fabulous supporters! Just a few of the items you won't want to miss are: "Jia: Portrait of Hope" by Leila Ashton: an original oil painting of one of our LWB heart babies, a life-size replica jade burial suit, two giclee prints of "Qi Pan" by Zhao Kailin, personalized digital lifebooks, the most beautiful collection of quilts imaginable (including several "100 Good Wishes" quilts), beautiful paintings (both originals and giclee prints), caligraphy, custom adoption videos, amazing photography, embroidery, gift baskets, jewlery, clothing, heritage items and so much more! You will be able to access our auction from the Love Without Boundaries website homepage at:, beginning April 24th You can also play a part in healing hearts by posting about the auction! If you have a personal or family website or blog, we would be so grateful if you would mention this event, as so many children are counting on us for surgery. Help spread the news that lives can be saved! Thank you in advance for helping to make this year's auction our best ever! Love Without Boundaries Art Auction Committee


Joanne said...

Wow! It breaks my heart to think of how hard she fought to breathe...what a wonderful charity and I will be sure to check it out. Mia's birth mother kept her for 3 months - I also think her heart condition may be the reason they couldn't care for her. So glad Ella is doing well now :)

Andrea said...

Loved your tender words Ronda. I was glad to be educated through the information you posted. Thanks for sharing.