Friday, June 6, 2008

Championship Baseball Game

"Sports do not build character. They reveal it."
Heywood Broun

Well, it was a night to remember-the showdown in the deseret between the Angels, who came into the game with the best winning record against the Mariners, the team with the second best record. The final score 8-9 with the Mariners pulling ahead of the Angels in the bottom of the six inning. These were two evenly matched teams and the game was a nail bitter to the end. One team would go up a run, then the next team would come in and score 2 runs and at times the score would remain tied. The stands were filled-standing room only-parents, siblings, relatives and friends cheering on the boys. So much fun and even though we lost-we are not hanging our heads over second place. The boys on our team fought all the way until the end, they never gave up and that is something to be proud of. My husband, who was the Manager and his two phenomenal Assistant Coaches had a great time. It has been amazing that even though our team was put together through a draft process, my husband could not have picked a better bunch of boys (although this one gave us a few headaches). These boys are kind, hard working, considerate and come with the most awesome set of parents. The mothers of the team have all remarked at how sad it is going to be to break up this "dream" team. Half of the team will be moving up next year and with the draft in place-no one is guaranteed a spot on any team. So Angels-Thanks So Much for an an incredible season.

Lining up before the game-waiting to get their name and number announced

Bridger on first base

Bridger batting

Hunter batting and he looks so small-he is the youngest player on our team, but is right in the middle of the team as far as statistics go-I am so proud of him for hanging tough with the older crowd.


Watching the balloons released into the air (sorry to all environmentalist out there)

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WattFam said...

Good work guys! It looks like it was a great season. We love ya!
Becky, Kennan, et al