Friday, June 6, 2008

"Found In China"

I had the most awesome lunch on Wednesday with a local waiting mom-Donna. She brought with her this DVD for me to borrow. I watched it last night and was so moved by the production that I am going to order it for myself. The documentary follows several families as they return to China with their adopted girls to gain some insight of where they were born. The most moving moments came when the girls visited their orphanages, finding places and caregivers/foster parents. I was not prepared for the emotions-I cried, I missed being in China and I ached for my own daughter, Ella. Bart and I have always known that we will take Ella back to China. I feel that it is very important for her to know as much as she can about where she was born and raised for the first 4 years of her life. This documentary talks specifically about when it is the appropriate time to make that decision which surprised me. I always thought that Ella should be older (18-19 year old range) , but the experts suggest taking her back to China when she is 10-12 year range. I was struck with the honesty that each adopted girl talked with when discussing their own personal feelings about being adopted by Americans and their birth country, China. I highly recommend watching this documentary to any parent that has adopted or is in the process of adopting a child from a foreign country. Thanks again Donna who brought this to my attention...I had so much fun meeting you and I have my fingers doubled crossed that your referral comes soon-you will make a great mother.


Michelle said...

We too, will take Lilyann back to China around that age. Thanks for sharing this, I hope to order it! I just met a waiting mom right in my own neighborhood here the other day. She is using CCAI too! What a small world. After we talked, she told me sent in a medical checklist! I am so excited for them too!
Tell little Ella Miranda says "hi!"

living4him5 said...

Hi Ronda, I have to get that DVD...thanks for posting this. We plan on bringing Linzhi Rose back when she's older so this is will be very helpful!!

Thanks again and hope you're summer is off to a good start ;-)


Bella's mama said...

Thank you for sharing this link!!! I so look forward to someday returning to China with Bella, now witht he help of this I will know better how to go about it. Thank you!!