Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok-I am going to be straight up admit it-I was hoping Ella would never come home from preschool with homework. I imagine that I feel this way because she is my 4th child and preschool for me is a place for mom to drop off a child for a couple hours-no homework strings attached. I am ok with providing snack, doing show and tell and even a field trip, but please no homework. Ella goes to preschool 5 days a week and her teacher sends home homework every night. So, my "no homework strings attached preschool" is not happening. Today, her brothers decided to put their scholarly wisdom to good use and help Ella with her homework. What they did not expect was the sour reception by Ella. Although, who could blame a girl when all your brothers tell you is that you are going to get an "F" on your homework because you are not following instructions. My oldest, who has never gotten below a "A" was freaking out. He kept telling Ella that her name was below the baseline, her letters were not straight and asking her, in a very loving older brother way, if she was ok with getting an "F" on her homework. I was cracking up watching this whole show go down in my kitchen as I was explaining to him that Ella is only in preschool-doesn't really count when applying for college. Remind me in 10 years not to let him teach her how to drive.


living4him5 said...

Girl, where have you been? LOL...I figured you were MIA because of summer. I didn't blog too much over the summer either.

Thank you for your comment. I will be praying for your friends too. I can't believe how many family/friends have been touched by this awful, dreadful cancer.

Glad to see you're back. Great pictures of the kiddos, they're getting so big!

God bless Ronda!

Michelle said...

I agree with you. There should be a no homework in preschool rule! That's just not right! How cute that her brothers are trying to... help (?)... her. :-)

Michelle said...

Hi Ronda!

Homework in preschool? That is just not right. lol! I will go even further out on a limb and admit that I do not like HW in any grade : ) I have always thought our kids are in school for so many hours...they need some down time when they come home. That is soooo cute how Ella's big brother's were helping her to try and get an "A".

Andrea said...

The pictures are priceless!

shawni said...

I can't believe there's homework in preschool. Wow. Man she is so darn cute, Ronda! How fun to watch the Olympics and have such a close, personal connection through Ella.

missy said...

Hi Ronda!
I found your blog by way of Michelle's at Born in our Hearts. Your kiddos are SO adorable! I teach first grade and must tell you that I cannot believe your sweet girl has homework in preschool...geesh, no rest for the weary-huh?

I cracked up at your comment about letting big brother help with driving lessons ... Too funny!

Erin said...

I have never had any preschool homework for any of my children. I hope that Libby doesn't have this... I would never be able to acomplish such a feat! Your boys are cute with Ella.

Trish said...

I so agree, not homework for preschool. Isabella is starting formal preschool soon or not if it means homework!

Cheri said...

Hey Ronda - Katie Lundgreen's mom here (book club!)Eric goes to Rhonda's preschool with Ella ... BUT I love homework in preschool!!

It keeps Eric busy while I help Olivia, Adam, Rachel and Katie with all of their massive amounts of homework from Neely.

And.... he feels a little more like the "big" kids... and not so left out. Hes already bugged that he doesn't get to ride the bus!