Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy Batman, I can't believe I haven't posted in about a month! Yeah, date night was seeing that movie (I would have preferred to stay home and read my vampire book.)
I have been in a funk these last few weeks. It all started when we got home from vacation a long time ago. Ella has been off her sleep schedule-the vacation really messed her up. Ella will fall asleep for about 2-3 hours and then wake up for about 2-3 hours. It does not matter when I put her to bed, she follows the same routine. She is up at times from midnight to three in the morning. I need help...anyone have a suggestions out there? I have tried everything...I am out of ideas. I just need to her sleep through the night in her bed.
Madison moved out. Wow is that exhausting-getting a teenager ready for college and to move out. Her excitement is contagious, but underneath I am crumbling. I start crying at the oddest moments-not sure if it is the sleep deprivation or the fact that my oldest is leaving. I am having a hard time letting go-letting go of her definitely comes way to fast.
On a lighter note, Ella is loving preschool. Our family is WAY into the Olympics, although, we are always Olympic junkies when they come around every two years. My boys asked if they could start fencing classes...hummm! Boys with fake swords-not sure if it is a good mix.
And the MOST exciting news ever, after TWO LONG YEARS-the braces are coming off my teeth on Monday! Yahoo, Yippe and Jump for Joy. Now, I will post more pictures of myself-I did not like pictures of me with a metal mouth =).

Ella says "My China-I love my China."


Ella got to finally meet Sammi (in the pink bow)-she was visiting from CA. Her mom is my good friend Jamie, married to Henry who is Chinese. Sammi is a good combination of her parents gene pool-Chinese dad and blonde hair Caucasian mom.


Going to a "Tinkerbell" birthday party


Michelle said...

Hi Ronda, good to see you back. Congrats on the braces, but I thought they looked great on you! Lilyann had her first playdate with some little chinese friends today. That's big, because there aren't many of them in our area.
Take care...

Michelle said...

Hi Ronda,
I'm glad you're back. Sorry that you've had a rough month. The sleep schedule that you are talking about is exactly what Mia did for the entire first year home. Yep, 12 straight months of getting up anywhere from 2-5 hours a night. It was killer, so I feel your pain. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but if I did, we would have solved our little problem a lot earlier than one year. The good news is that I think I have finally caught up on my sleep! LOL Sending your oldest off to college has to be such a difficult thing. I am struggling with Leila starting full-time first grade next week. I am sending big hugs your way.

art said...

Ella looks wonderful!!! Sorry to hear about her sleep issues. Addison still has problems most nights, but usually she goes back to sleep quickly.


Andrea said...

the sleep thing is tough. hang in there! it was so great to see a picture of Sammi. What a doll. I'll look forward to seeing you and your new smile.

Erin said...

Oh Ronda... we went through these same problems. I am quite certain that it is "hypervigilence"--- the little is afraid to sleep for fear of you leaving them. Libby did it for about a year, crying for long spells at night. The strangest thing to me, was that she was so joyful and easy-going during the day (she still is)--- it all seemed to come out at night. These little girls have been through so much! Possibly they fell asleep in their mother's arms, and then woke up at the orphanage gate? So, of course, they would fear sleep.Have you read through this website:

It is very helpful! I feel for you! Libby sleeps all night now, bu tI still lay down by her to put her to bed each night. Hang on!