Friday, September 12, 2008

Ella - The Party Planner

Ella's Fourth Birthday Party in China - November 8, 2007

Ella wakes up everyday and asks "Is it my birthday, Momma?"

To which I reply "No honey, not today."

And then, like every other day, we start the process of planning her birthday party.

We go through the list of people who are going to be invited to her birthday.

We talk about what kind of cake she is going to have.

We discuss the games that will be played.

We mull over the pinata choice.

We take a strategic approach about which princess dress she should wear.

Ella's birthday is not until November 8th, but she has attended many birthday parties since she came home 10 months ago and desperately wants to have a birthday party.

I am sure in her little mind, she thinks that November 8th will never come.

As her mom, I am not ready to have another birthday party.

I can not image that any type of birthday celebration will compare to her last birthday party. We were in China and Ella had only been in my arms for 4 days.

We were wild in love with this child; she laughed at everything and out giggled her daddy.

Our wonderful guide Jocelyn, helped us order a cake.

We were having a group dinner the night of Ella's birthday and I wanted everyone to sing Happy Birthday to our little girl.

I will never forget the moment the cake was placed in front of Ella, laughing at the fire on the candles, singing and watching her blow out the candles.

The moment is one that I will treasure forever.

Being in China-Ella's homeland, with this precious daughter of mine, surrounded by a fantastic group of people, celebrating her fourth birthday and a new beginning.

For me, November 8th will come soon enough.


Kenny said...

We remember Ella's birthday well. What a joyful child! Can't think of her without smiling.

Lori Ann & Kenny

Rhonda said...

You always write such touching posts. I remember looking at all those pic on your blog and thinking how awesome it was that you were able to celebrate that bday with her. That is so cute that she is so excited for another bday. She is just a cute and fun girl.

Michelle said...

It was an honor to get to be there on her birthday. I remember that night well!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Happy birthday precious girl!

Andrea said...

Beautiful write up Ronda! (sniff, sniff)

Leslie said...

Hi Ronda,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying Hi. Your Ella is just precious. You made me tear up reading about her birthday. What a special moment, celebrating her Birthday while over in China. I can't believe I've never stumpled onto your blog before. I can't wait to show my Ella, your Ella's pictures. Did you see where my Ella was adopted from Ukraine? My Ella is Ella Grace...what middle name did you choose for your Ella?

Nice to meet you, and I'll be back to see what sweet little Ella is up to.

Deb and Kevin said...

I got the chills reading your post, it brought me right back to China. I am glad we were able to celebrate with Ella, Bart, and you. I hope some day soon we can all get together for a reunion. Tell Ella, Lotus says HI!

Michelle said...

What a memorable and special way to celebrate Ella's 4th. birthday! That is so cute that she has been planning her next party!! And I know just what you mean about the birthdays coming too soon for us Moms.

have a great week-end!!

Oatsvall Team said...

Oh my we share a very important date ... Maggie's Gotcha Day is Nov. 8th ... Can't wait to see the post of her party ... I guess that means we were in China together last year !!! What a small world .. Thanks for visiting my blog !!!

Ronda said...

Ella's middle name is Hui Yi...we kept her Chinese name.

Michelle said...

What great memories you have of celebrating Ella's fourth birthday in China. She is so precious.

mommy24treasures said...

what a beautiful post.:)

art said...

What a wonderful post! It was a magical night getting to see so much happiness on Ella's face. I hope Nov. 8th comes fast for her!


Erin said...

Just so sweet... magical!